How to Generate an extra 100 000€ in sales in the next 12 Months Using AI-Based Outbound Marketing

For Start-up companies. Without Paid advertising or Cold Calls.

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This is what our customers say about working with us

LeadGem exceeded our expectations! When we started to work together we asked for 10-20 sales meetings per month in a very difficult target market with strict criteria. To be honest, at first I wasn’t so confident because of the difficult criteria we had for our meetings, but we decided to try anyway, because Pietari seemed very confident with delivering us results! LeadGem was able to make it happen every single month starting from the very first month and we actually had to ask to pause the campaigns during December, because our calendar was becoming way too full!
Jarkko Anttiroiko
CEO of Entercheck

Step 1: Identify a profitable market

The main purpose of this phase is to define your customers based on profitability so we can focus our effort where it should be.
If you feel like you don’t know it yet, don’t worry! We will find it together in our testing phase.

Step 2: Shape the service into an easily understandable offer

In this phase we will do copywriting for your service. We will shape your service into an easily understandable offer by focusing on selling solution and benefits.
As a result we will get higher success rate and higher prices in customer acquisition. No need to compete on price when you cannot be compared to competitors!

Step 3: Start an Effective Cold Email Campaign

We will start an effective AI-based Outbound marketing campaign where every single message that we send to your ideal customers is personalized. We will have an inbox Manager in contact with your ideal customers to book qualified sales meetings around the clock.

Step 4: Enjoy the results

What will you get? Qualified sales meetings in your calendar that fit the criteria that you decided when we made the contract!
You will open your calendar, click on the meeting, read the conversation and background information about your future client and have a high quality sales meeting with your ideal customer.

100% Success Guarantee

Qualified meetings

  • If the sales meeting does not fill the criteria that you decided, we are simply not going to charge you!

30 day 100% money-back guarantee

  • If you are not happy with the results we are getting you in the first 30 days, we will refund you the whole set up fee immediately.
  • We have never had to do this since our clients have been super happy with the results that we deliver daily.


Frequently asked questions

Our service is highly customized and we can’t give you accurate pricing without having a discovery call where we will get more in depth with your business. Our set up fee for the systems is always minimum 2000€ and after that you only pay for a qualified sales meeting.

Focus your effort in the sales calls where your expertise is really needed. Our team will take care of lead scraping, campaign set up, campaign management, CRM, copywriting, inbox management, campaign testing & iteration.

Our biggest goal is to use your valuable time only when it’s needed. To mention, we will require an honest will to collaborate and trust our work. This way, we will guarantee results.

Qualified sales meeting is a meeting where the customer profile fits the criteria that you will decide! If you would have a meeting with a person that is not authorized to make a decision, then you don’t pay for that meeting, simple as that!

So far, we haven’t booked a single meeting with someone who is not a decision maker since we put lot of effort to qualify our leads to give the best value for our service.

Because you can’t! Okay, maybe you can. It’s not rocket science, but that’s the reason we are so freaking good at it. To build the systems, learn to automate required tasks, constantly iterate and stay on top of the game takes huge amount of time and effort. If you don’t have a team that is fully dedicated to AI-based outbound marketing I highly doubt that you can do what we do.

We have a team fully dedicated to one marketing strategy that is in our opinion most efficient way to increase sales in 2024 and as I said, it’s not rocket science! With our dedication to this strategy we have learned the best way to do lead generation and we at LeadGem know exactly what we are doing because we have repeated the process for so many times!

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